Stepping Into Your Greatness!

By Lexi Joy

We hear people moaning literally about everything, whether it’s about the weather being good or bad, someone at work has done something or has not done something. The wives, the husbands, the kids, the neighbours and the list goes on.

When people moan, they blame others for what they are NOT ready to take responsibility of. If we are exposed to this often enough before we know it, we then start to do the same.

Surrounding yourself with positive thinking people helps to enhance our own way of thinking. However, what if we are not in a position to do that just yet?

How do we show up as the better and greater version of ourselves?

Let me ask you this question:

Do you believe that you can do better than what you do right now?

Do you believe that you have that skills inside you that can awaken the giant within you? as Tony Robbins talks about it in his epic personal development book

Are you ready to influence others by stepping up into your greatness?


We all have that GREATNESS inside us. However, sometimes we play small because of comfort, because of fear (and there are many fears), because of the opinion of other people and our internal dialog. But if I tell you that you are here on this planet to live your life to your full potential, that you are here to inspire others by overcoming your obstacles and to show others how you have done that.

Just follow this easy step.

Decide who do you want to be today and say:

‘I will show up today as ……………….’ (fill this gap with the title you want to give yourself).

Then see yourself in that greater persona you always want to be, what do you hear, how do you feel, what do you do when you are that person?

Now take a step forward and step into that identity. Feel it, see it, hear it and become it. Now you are ready to show the world the person who you always meant to be – THE GREATER YOU.

 Lexi Joy – Success Coach and Wellbeing Expert


Author: Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker is the founder of Women Talk. She is an award winning business woman who has been making an impact on individuals, organisations and community groups to maximise their personal & business potential since 1996.

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