Frances Mensah Williams on Where Is Home

In this wonderful TEDx Talk, Frances Mensah Williams asks (and answers) the question, where is home?

Going home isn’t always the same as feeling at home, especially when a move is made to another country, even the country of your heritage.

Frances WilliamsAfter returning to Ghana Frances questioned whether she could really feel at home.

Her descriptions of life in Ghana are funny. Her uncle who paraded her about, demanding that the Director of banks listened to his reasons for hiring his niece.

Her lesson in how people find their way around, by being part of the community. Frances found herself driving and lost. After stopping to ask for directions she was surprised that they were given based on buildings and knowing specific members of the community.

This is a great video on wanting to belong, on being eager to fit it and for those of us born in a country that is different to our heritage, on how we make our ‘home’ country part of our life.

Here’s the video…

Frances Mensah Williamson – Where Is Home


“Home is not where your accent is from, it is where your heart is”

– Dorothy Koomson – Novelist

Author: Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker is the founder of Women Talk. She is an award winning business woman who has been making an impact on individuals, organisations and community groups to maximise their personal & business potential since 1996.

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