Women Talk Gains NCFE Approved Centre Status

Career Development Programme Level 3 Award

Women Talk has Approved Centre Status for the UK National Certificate of Further Education (NCFE) Awarding Body www.ncfe.org.uk

Our primary objective is to empower individuals by offering interactive training within a supportive and encouraging environment that addresses the needs of the individual. We provide top quality vocational training in career advancement and development of individuals, with a high emphasis on women’s development combing both theory and practical work. We provide quality vocational training leading to higher graded jobs in all areas of the labour market particularly where women are underrepresented.


The aim of the programme is to encourage individuals working below their potential, by providing them with personal and career development, guidance and support. The course equips all delegates to:

  • Assess their career goals and be accountable for career decision that are made
  • Identifying motivational factors affecting those decisions.
  • Building confidence through assertiveness training and introducing role-play.
  • An awareness of talents via the Talent Audit. An understanding of constraining factors affecting the full utilisation of talents.
  • Projecting the right image, looking at verbal and non-verbal communication and to effectively communicate the right message.
  • Encouraging career visions and through action planning how to effectively achieve this.
  • Action planning and target setting in the short medium and long term.
  • Networking and mentoring in building lasting relationships.

Author: Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker is the founder of Women Talk. She is an award winning business woman who has been making an impact on individuals, organisations and community groups to maximise their personal & business potential since 1996.

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