What is Self-Care?

Defining self-care is easy because it’s the opposite of self-sabotage or self-control. It isn’t about getting your hair and nails done – and while that is important to help you feel good about yourself my focus here is on a much deeper level.

Self-care is about looking after your own needs. Self-care is caring for your soul, your inner self, and your very being.
Throughout this booklet when I refer to self-care I am actually talking about taking care of yourself on a holistic level including the emotional, physical and spiritual areas of your life.

Without taking care of your entire body, mind and spirit, you can literally drive yourself to exhaustion. You are less able to handle stressful situations and may find you procrastinate more or shy away from important decisions. Plus, if you lose touch with yourself, then you’re more likely to lose touch with your family, friends, career and spiritual beliefs.
Don’t Have Time? It’s Time to Make Time

One of the common complaints I hear from women is that they don’t have time to make time for themselves which is always a shock for me – how can you not find time for one of the most important people in your life – YOU!

There is a reason on airplanes that you are told to put on your gas mask FIRST and then help your child(ren). The reason is if you pass out from lack of oxygen you can’t help them.

It is the same with your self-care. You may think by not making time for you and always meeting the needs of your family/career you are doing the “right thing” but what happens when you become too exhausted or too depressed to cope? You are no good to anyone! So it is time to stop using the excuse of not having time and time to make time!

Author: Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker is the founder of Women Talk. She is an award winning business woman who has been making an impact on individuals, organisations and community groups to maximise their personal & business potential since 1996.

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