Women In Luton Launch Inspirational Book

Luton, Bedfordshire (March 2014) – Women in Luton have come together to create an inspirational chapbook. The idea is the brainchild of entrepreneur Helen Tucker who runs the Women Talk group in Luton who meet once a fortnight on a Wednesday.

‘I was looking for a way to help women learn from past experience.’ says Helen ‘We have all had experiences that may not always be pleasant to go through but going through them teaches us a powerful lesson and makes us who we are’ she continues.

Helen bought in local author and workshop leader Diane Corriette who ran two sessions called “Write Your Story” during which each woman got to think about an event that had an inspirational ending for them.Each story was then written out in under 1,000 to stay in line with the very short story genre Flash Fiction.

Stories range from a very successful and busy career woman who changed her life for the better after having children, a young woman with Celeby Palsy who lives life to the fullest after an operation that came close to ending her life, a woman who was inspired to become an architect after sharing a messy room with her sister.

‘These stories are memoirs covering a moment in life’ Diane tells us ‘and the workshop draws out those moments so they can be written down and remembered always. This isn’t about the correct way to write a very short story. It is all about allowing creativity and self-expression to shine uninhibited so that the story can be told.’

The book is due to launch at the Women Talk Summit being held at G.T. House, Rothesday Road on Saturday 29th March 2013. As well as being an event to celebrate International Women’s Day some of the writers will get up on stage and share their story.

To find out more visit http://www.womentalk.org.uk

Contact: Helen Tucker

eMail: info@womentalk.org.uk


Author: Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker is the founder of Women Talk. She is an award winning business woman who has been making an impact on individuals, organisations and community groups to maximise their personal & business potential since 1996.

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